We are AV spekter

Who are we?

We are an experienced developer and manufacturer of electronic testing & measuring systems, power supplies and other high-end electronic solutions.

Our Vision

We aim to conquer the world, every day and in every way.

Our vision is to be the customer’s first choice in the electronic testing equipment sector, with outstanding devices in terms of performance as well as appearance.

Our innovative devices complement the electronic industry, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients and helping to make the world a better and smarter place.

Our Mission

To meet the needs of end consumers and provide the ultimate tools for every test and measurement.

To master new technologies in electronics and create superior electronic solutions for the most exacting customers.

To encourage the personal and professional development of every employee.

To establish strong, long-term relationships with business partners by adapting and understanding the challenges that clients face and helping them transform potential into reality.

Our Strategy

Innovation is our fuel that drives us. We believe that innovation is the key to superb performance and customer trust, and therefore our ability to stay competitive.

Our vision is based on a commitment to the newest technology. We invest in the development of innovative solutions to maintain our competitive position on the market, and to anticipate the needs of the electronics industry.

We stay in close cooperation with educational institutions like the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the, University of Ljubljana, to engage with state-of-the-art techniques and know-how, gain insights into coming innovations and find promising students and electronics enthusiasts who can provide the vital workforce in our corporation.

Our History

We were established in 1998 as a manufacturer of electrical measuring and testing instruments for the domestic market. Our first instrument, Safeguard, launched in 1999 was sold mainly on the home market. Later we enlarged the product portfolio and expanded into other areas over the world.

Years of experience and a growing and diverse line of instruments have contributed to our technological development, and strengthened our experience in the electronic testing industry.

Throughout our history , we have been focused on delivering solutions that meet our customer’s needs and help overcome their challenges, and along the way we gained further competitive advantages, which then attracted new customers.

Recently we expanded the research & development department as well as production capacities, and increased the number of employees in all areas of the business. Today we employee more than 25 dedicated people, with our relatively small size making us more effective.

Want to work together?

Every engagement with AV Spekter is an opportunity for creativity and innovation. Do you want to know more and how we can help? Would you like to work with us and join the growing number of satisfied customers? Would you like to become a business partner and investor?

Send an email to info@avspekter.si and we will happily continue the conversation!