Test and measuring equipment

for testing single and three-phase portable appliances, cables, cable extensions and PRCDs, etc.

We develop and produce portable appliance testers (PAT) that perform all required safety measurements and tests on portable appliances in accordance with VDE 0701-0702 standards.

Depending on a client’s specific requirements or particular market demands we develop and implement complete hardware and software systems with diverse measurements inside each system.

The following parameters can be measured by our products (the selection of which depends on the type of test instrument):

  • Visual inspection.
  • Protective bonding resistance RPE, safety test voltage 4 … 24 V DC and test current 0.2 A, 5 A or 10 A AC. The measurements can be carried out on plugged and also on permanently connected appliances.
  • Insulation resistance RINS, test voltage 250 … 500 V DC. Appliances with protection class I with heater, class I, class II and class III can be tested.
  • Substitute leakage current ISUB, safety test voltage 45 V AC. Appliances with protection class I and class II can be tested.
  • Protective conductor current IPE, differential method.
  • Touch current measurement IT, direct method.
  • Apparent power S and active power P, mains voltage ULN, load current IL and power factor PF.
  • Protective conductor current IPE and load current IL, clamp method.
  • IEC CORD test (PE continuity, insulation resistance, L continuity, N continuity, L/N shorted).
  • PRCD test (PE continuity, TEST button, output insulation resistance, PE current, functional test at L disconnection, functional test at N disconnection, trip out time at IΔN/2, trip out time at IΔN, trip out time at 5 IΔN, tripping current).
  • Protective extra low voltage PELV.
  • Safety extra low voltage SELV.
  • AUTO Test (factory-programmed AUTO-Tests as well as customer-created AUTO-Tests)
  • Possible testing of above parameters on three-phase portable appliances.
  • Possible use of barcode reader.

Important features that have been implemented:

  • Extremely easy operation using the rotary switch and the START/STOP button.
  • Automatic start function for protective bonding resistance measurement allows both hands to be used on measured objects that are difficult to access.
  • Compensation of test lead resistance for protective bonding resistance measurement.
  • Calculation of limit values for protective bonding resistance.
  • Automatic mains voltage polarity exchange in protective conductor current and touch current measurements.
  • Data memory for over 1,000 measurement results.
  • Integrated interface (USB 2.0) for transfer of measurement results to PC.
  • Separate interface (USB 2.0) for connection of optional USB barcode reader, USB keyboard, USB memory stick or USB printer.
  • Graphic LC-display for measurement values, limit values and test parameters.
  • Compact plastic housing with accessory bag.
  • Connection diagrams and limit values under the instrument’s cover.
  • Limit values adjustable through the whole measurement range.
  • Visual and acoustic warnings in case limit value is exceeded.
  • Limits predefined for German and English regions.
  • Bluetooth communication.
  • Color TFT LC-display for measurement values, limit values and test parameters.
  • Real time clock for documentation of test results.
  • Single or continuous measurements.
  • Adjustable measurement times in single measurement mode.
  • Multiple languages can be chosen (English, German, French, etc.).
PAT-2020 (Portable Appliance Tester)

NEW products

The portable appliance tester PAT-2020, with a color screen, is a cost effective, easy to use, measurement instrument for testing the effectiveness of the protective measures of electrical equipment/appliances complying with standards VDE 0701-0702, DIN VDE 0404-1/-2 and EN 61557-1/-2/-4/-10/-16, and full documentation of the test results.

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