Test and measuring equipment

for testing single- and three-phase machines, welding machines, switchgears, cables, cable extensions, PRCDs, electrical installations, etc.

We develop and produce test instruments that perform all required safety tests on various machines in accordance with the EN 60204-1 standard, switchgears in accordance with the EN 61439-1 standard, welding machines in accordance with the EN 60974-4 standard as well as on many other test objects like cables, cable extensions, PRCDs, transformers, etc.

Depending on client specific requirements or particular market demands we develop and implement complete hardware and software solutions with diverse measurements inside each instrument’s system.

Key features

  • Extremely easy operation by using rotary switches, touch screen or classic buttons and “START/STOP” button to select and run appropriate measurement standard and measurement function. Test limit values and parameters will be defined automatically
  • AUTO-TEST mode, automatic test sequence, customer-created test plans for machine and low-voltage switchgear testing and factory-programmed and customer-created AUTO-TESTS for PAT testing, PRCDs, mains cord and EV charging cables
  • HELP menu (connection, measuring/display ranges, compensation of test leads if actual) available in each measurement
  • Fully compatible with “SW-MST-204” PC software to create test reports
  • Graphic 4.3-inch, 480 × 272 pixels, full colour TFT LCD with touch screen for measurement values, limit values and test parameters
  • Internal memory for 30.000 locations (tree memory structure, 4 levels)
  • Integrated interface (USB 2.0) for transfer of measurement results to PC
  • Additional four interfaces (USB 2.0) for connection of optional USB barcode scanner, USB keyboard and USB memory stick, all working in parallel
  • Compact plastic housing with removable case cover
  • Separate soft accessory bag for test leads and accessories
  • Connection diagrams inside the case cover
  • Limit values adjustable through measuring range in all functions
  • Visual and acoustic warnings in case of exceeded limit value
  • Adjustable acoustic signal intensity
  • Real time clock for documentation of test results
  • Timer-limited and continuous measurements
  • Adjustable measurement times in timer-limited measurement
  • Commander with START/STOP, SAVE and ENTER keys for very handy operations
  • Two selectable display languages and two external keyboards supported (English and German)
  • Possible assembly into 19-inch Rack Panel, 19-inch rack mount adapter available

Measuring functions

  • Visual Inspection
  • Protective Bonding Resistance (2-wire, 4-wire) (0.2A, 10A, 25A)
  • Prospective fault loop current, Loop impedance ZL/PE
  • Prospective fault loop current (RCD no trip)
  • Prospective fault loop current (MPCB no trip)
  • Prospective short-circuit current, Line impedance, ZL/N, ZL/L
  • Prospective short-circuit current (MPCB no trip)
  • Prospective short-circuit current (Secundary AC/DC)
  • Voltage Drop
  • RCD testing (Trip time, Trip current, Uc, AUTO)
  • IMD testing
  • RCM testing
  • Insulation resistance (UTEST 50V…1000V, ramp test)
  • HV AC, voltage programmable 250V … 5100 V
  • Residual voltage
  • Residual time
  • Clamp load current and THD
  • Clamp leakage current
  • Touch current
  • Voltage and THD
  • Power via external clamp (S, P, Q, PF, cos j)
  • Phase rotation
  • Voltage PELV
  • Voltage SELV
  • Voltage CONTROL
  • Voltage DC Supply
  • Documentation and Functional Tests
MST-204 (Machinery Switchgear Tester)

NEW product

The MST-204 Machinery Switchgear Tester is a measurement instrument for testing the effectiveness of protective measures of machines, low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies, welding equipment, electrical appliances, mains cords, PRCDs, EV charging cables etc. in combination with High-Voltage Adapter HVA-204 and Three-Phase Adapter TPA-204.

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