Portable Appliance Tester


Product features / measurements:

  • Visual inspection as an independent function.
  • Protective bonding resistance measurement (RPE), test current 0.2 A AC and 10 A AC. The test is carried out on plugged and also on fixed connected appliances.
  • Insulation resistance measurement (RINS), test voltage 500 VDC and 250 VDC. Appliances PC I, PC I-HEATER (with heater), PC II and PC III can be tested.
  • Substitute leakage current measurement (ISUB), test voltage 45 V AC. Appliances PC I and PC II can be tested.
  • Earth leakage current measurement (IPE) by a differential method.
  • Touch leakage current measurement (IT) by a direct method with a probe resistance of 1kOhm.
  • Functional test (P/IL) including apparent power, active power, mains voltage, load current and power factor measurement.
  • Earth leakage current IPE and load current IL measurement with external current clamp.
  • IEC CORD test (protective bonding resistance, insulation resistance, L continuity, N continuity, L/N shorted).
  • Protective extra low voltage (PELV) measurement.
  • Safety extra low voltage (SELV) measurement.
  • AUTO-TEST mode / automatic test sequence (factory-programmed AUTO-TESTS and customer-created AUTO-TESTS).
  • Bluetooth for transfer of test results to a tablet or PC.
  • Extremely easy operation by using rotary switch and START/STOP button.
  • Automatic start function for protective bonding resistance measurement allows both hands to be used on measured objects that are difficult to access.
  • Compensation of test lead resistance for protective bonding resistance and CORD measurements.
  • Calculation of limit values for protective earth bond resistance.
  • Automatic mains voltage polarity exchange in earth leakage current and touch leakage current measurements.
  • Data memory for 10,000 appliance codes and 5,000 measurement results.
  • Integrated interface (USB 2.0) for transfer of measurement results to PC.
  • Additional interface (USB 2.0) for connection of optional USB barcode reader, USB keyboard or USB memory stick.
  • Color LCD to display measurement values, limit values and test parameters.
  • Compact plastic housing.
  • Removable lid.
  • Connection diagrams and limit values are under the instrument’s lid.
  • Limit values adjustable through the measurement range in all functions.
  • Visual and acoustic warnings in case of limit value is exceeded.
  • Adjustable acoustic signal intensity.
  • Standard and combined modes for barcode reader.
  • Real time clock for documentation of test results.
  • Single or continuous measurements.
  • Adjustable measurement times in single measurement mode and separately in AUTO-TEST mode.
  • Selectable display languages.
  • Two keyboards supported (English and German).

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