All inclusive: circuitry, components and mechanics for your electronics

Hardware Development

Development of cutting edge technologies needs the perfect cost-optimized hardware. Our in-house design engineering service can support you through the whole cycle, from your need to develop powerful solutions beginning with your idea, following with a full-scale hardware prototype and finishing with a ready-to-market, complex, high-end solution, created on time and on budget. We have comprehensive experience in developing customized board level hardware solutions for various application areas.


Electronic assemblies work correctly only when combined with the right circuitry. This is why we analyze your idea in advance as part of our hardware development process and prepare a feasibility study as well as the relevant performance specifications.


We develop a prototype in order to perform functional testing on the electronics. The prototype along with electronic simulation programs allow us to test the electronics and check whether the development process is working in the best possible way.


Finally, we construct the mechanics in which your electronics will be embedded. We can simulate the optimal fit in advance using 3D studies. We precisely adjust all of our test methods and equipment to your product.

  • High-level analog circuitry design (sensors, measurement circuitries, generators, linear and switching power supplies, etc.).
  • High-level digital circuitry design (micro controllers, USB / RS-232 /RS485 / WIRELESS / BT etc. communication, memories, WINDOWS modules, etc.).
  • RF design (sensors, receivers, transmitters, etc.).
  • Component selection.
  • Choosing the appropriate components for the targeted EMI / EMC standards.
  • PCB layout design, including multilayer boards, high-speed applications, characteristic impedance control, ROHS compliant products and high density board layouts.
  • Design of rigid, flexible and mixed circuit printed boards.
  • Signal integrity simulation and verification.
  • Library creation and management.
  • Using the latest PCB design tools.
  • Using the latest 3D CAD software enables us to develop a full electromechanical product, involving mechanical aspects such as plastic enclosures or housings.
  • Hardware testing and validation.
  • Fast prototyping capabilities.
  • Assistance throughout the certification process.
  • System architecture design, modeling, and analysis.
  • Schematic circuits design, verification, and analysis.
  • Schematics and layout check by our EMI / EMC expert.
  • LVD verification of the product by our LVD expert.
  • Product development according to international standards (IEC, EN, DIN, etc.).

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