Depending on client specific requirements.

AC and DC power supplies

We develop and produce simple and professional linear and switching power supplies with 230 V input and DC or AC output voltage, suitable for use in various laboratories.

Depending on a client’s specific requirements or particular market demands we can adapt existing hardware and software accordingly.

Power supply 0 - 30V/5A AC/DC

Input voltage 230 V / 50 Hz, output voltage adjustable 0 – 30V AC and 0 – 30V DC, current capability 5 A. Analog output voltage and current display.

End-user price: Upon request

Power supply 0 – 170V/10 A AC

PCB power supply, input voltage 230 V / 50 Hz, output voltage adjustable 0 – 170V AC, current capability 10 A.

End-user price: Upon request

Custom designed power supply

PCB or in-housing power supply, designed on customer’s request.

End-user price: Upon request

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