We assemble your ideas!

Assembly of PCBs / mechanical & electro-mechanical devices

We provide our customers with complete fabrication and assembly of prototype or production boards and other electro / mechanical technologies. Our modern technical equipment and team of experienced engineers and skilled workers guarantee a high manufacturing standard for your products.

Surface Mount Assembly (SMT), Conventional (through hole) assembly, and Mixed Technology assembly.

Custom electronic cable assemblies, wire harnesses for a variety of applications prototypes or large scale production.

Complete assembly services including board mounting, wire harness mounting, enclosures, actuators, sensors, switches, lights, and optics, control panel assembly and complex enclosure and “box” builds.

Products are assembled in Slovenia according to the highest quality and safety standards.

Quality compliance and the future reliability of every assembled system or product are priorities for us. Using DFM (Design for Manufacturability) and DFT (Design for Testability) technology prevents defects and ensures that problems are detected at the earliest stage and resolved with the lowest cost. Before taking any prototype to the volume production stage, our engineering team inspects and evaluates every detail, starting at the individual components. Our precise manual and automated test equipment ensure accurate quality tests and inspections performed by our trained quality engineers prior to every delivery.

Want to discuss our software and hardware quality assurance know-how?

If you have any questions regarding services we have not listed or if your product assembly involves special circumstances, we would love to talk with you!